Here I have posted some questions I often come across when meeting patients.

1. What do I need to prepare beforemy massage therapist arrives.

A:  Absolutely nothing ! I do carry my table with me, along with towels. All I'll need you to provide is a pillow or two and basin where I can wash my hands before and after treatment. How easy is that!

2. What do I wear for a treatment ?

A: I will advise you to have a quick shower before I arrive, and hop into your comfy underwear. Boys, if you like you can wear shorts, but if we work on legs shorts will need to be loose enough that I will be able to easily roll them up and work all leg length. For the girls you can leave your bra on if you feel more comfortable, I will undoit when I work on your back and clip it back on before you roll over.

3.What If I find it difficult due to a physical limitation (perhaps due to injury, health condition or age) to undress?

A: Not to worry I will find a way around to suit your needs.

4. Am I too old for a massage?

A: No such thing as being too old for a massage!

5. Will the massage therapist leave the room when I'm getting undressed ?

A: Yes I will. I always go to wash my hands before and after treatment, and that is the time for you to get ready. I will always ask for your permission before I enter the room again, unless you need help with getting on or/and off the table then I'll be around to assist.

6. Does massage hurt?

 Sometimes it does, saying that, it is always up to you to tell me when I go to hard or not hard enough!  I'll always check a few times during the treatment if the pressure is right.

I believe a massage therapist should never feel offended if you tell them to go harder or softer or if you don't like the technique used (ex deep tissue) the massage is about you. I will tailor it to your needs, I'm well aware that we all have different pain thresholds.

7. What products do you use?

 I use "Tui" products. Tui is a New Zealand based company and their products contains no synthetic fragrances, artificial preservatives, emulsifiers, coloring agents ,stabilisers, parabens or other chemical additives, Tui makes every effort to ensure that all ingredients are free of genetic engineeringand non of the ingredients are tested on animals.

For the girls I tend to use "Orange spice" (Certified Organic NZ Beeswax, Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Vitamin-E, Arnica Oil, Essential Oils of Orange, Mandarin, Grapefruit, Cardamom, Clove Bud and Nutmeg. Contains naturally occurring constituents of Citral, Eugenol, Limonene and Linalool)       

For the boys I prefer to use "Sport" balm- containing (Certified Organic NZ Beeswax, Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Vitamin-E, Arnica Oil, Hypericum, Essential Oils of Calendula, Manuka & Lemon. Contains naturally occurring constituents of essential oils - Citral, Limonene and Linalool).

For myofascial Release I use - Myofascial Release TUI balm, and for spot work - TUI warming and easing balm (this one does generate a bit of heat)

Using balm helps me to get a good grip on the skin, it provides an ideal friction, eliminates spillage and improves the flow of the massage.

Saying all that I always carry a small bottle of oil in case someone doesn't like balm!

Also if you like me to use your productI'm happy to do so as long as you provide it

(for example some people prefer coconut oil)..