Please read about different massage types Tweed Coast mobile Massage provides, if you are still not sure which one is best for you, simply give me a call and I will make sure we choose the correct treatment, most suitable and beneficial for you! Remember.... 

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 Remedial massage help to release tension

Remedial massage by Tweed Coast mobile Massage.

There are many different descriptions of Remedial massage. I'll say what it means to me. Remedial massage is a complex treatment in which many different techniques can be used, these techniques may include trigger point therapy, muscle energy technique (a form of stretching), elements of myofascial release, deep tissue techniques or even soft Swedish massage techniques. How is remedial massage different to sports massage - because in my opinion remedial massage has more holistic approach to the human body. In sports massage the focus is often on one small area of the body e.g. a specific muscle or group of muscles. With Remedial massage the practitioner will look a little bit further to see what is effecting the disorder, alignment or pain. Here I have listed a few of the many conditions Remedial massage can help with - Back & neck pain, Shoulder and neck tension, Tension headaches and migraines, Sciatica and lower back pain, Carpal tunnel syndrome, RSI (repetitive strain injury) , whiplash and many others.