Please read about the different massage types Tweed Coast mobile Massage provides, if you are still not sure which one is best for you, simply give me a call and I will make sure we choose the correct treatment, most suitable and beneficial for you! Remember.... 

it is all about YOU !

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 to help speed up recovery, aid flexibility and decrease forming scar tissues

Sport massage by Tweed Coast mobile Massage

Sports Massage focus on the specific needs  of  athletes or just about everyone who is involved in a sporting activity. Kasia Wyrwas has been practicing sport massage for most of her massage career. Sport massage incorporates a range of different techniques, from deep tissue work, stretching, myofascial release,  trigger points as well as changing body position from back to front and side lying.  Elite athletes are very familiar with sport massage, they often have sessions pre, post or during the game, as well as recovery sessions or simply use it as a maintenance treatment. Saying that sport massage is not reserved for elite athletes only! It is designed for everyone who is physically active either at work (gardeners, trades) or after work participating in sport activities. Sport massage is a tool which will help to prevent you from getting an injury and if injured will help to speed up the recovery process, manage pain levels and/or improve flexibility. Sport massage treatment usually will focus on a specific area of the body.